Sunday, 16 April 2017

Advertising Your Small Business in an Online World for FREE

Do you own a small or large business and are you looking for ways to advertise your business in the online world? Look no further as I will go into a few details and inform you of a few places where you can advertise online or offline businesses for free. Using local citations for submitting your business is a very good idea to help you gather more business from locals. With local citations you are able to add maps to your local business and have customers from your area find you. 

What is the most powerful ways for promoting an online business or offline business? It is by submitting your business to local classified advertising websites. This is because this is a free service which allows you to post your ads in multiple areas and you are not limited to just one listing. For example using websites such as Adsark; when listing your business for free you are able to have your ad published for 365 days for free. If your business is international you may submit your website to the international category or the specific country that you are from and select them down to the local area within that country. You are able to list a website, phone number, and any other contact details so you can drive the most traffic and leads back to your business.

With classified advertising sites you will find that most of them, especially ones like Adsark are SEO friendly. With such sites you can take advantage of having great titles by doing your keyword research which would be in your title and in your URLS. These are SEO friendly. I would urge business owners who are serious about marketing their business to an online world to start by using classified advertising sites. Adsark is a free international classified advertising site and you will benefit from using it as there is no sign up required to start publishing your ads.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Failed Online Marketing... Why?


Number one reason; a lack of hits or traffic to their product, service or site. High volume traffic is critical to lasting success.The second major downer; attempting to sell only. Many never pre-sell. They post products and attempt to shove them down their customers throats without any branding or customer trust! Pre-selling is also a critical element.Many simply do not generate advertising revenue, or affiliate revenue. Diverse, stable monetization is a stamp of success.


Have you had it? We've touched on the obvious three major online failures. Now for the Ah ha moment. The moment every online success had to have at some point where it all came together. For me it was when I came to grasp


What is SBI? It is a all in one tool for building a online business. It took a few months for me to understand and apply the SBI philosophy. I will share some of the applicable points that turned my failed online business into a hit. Finally, I understood. Ah ha!


Brainstorm Keywords - Search top searched low volume keywords

Register Domain - Get a real domain

Build Keyword Based Content  - Information visitor's are looking for

Develop Monetezation plan - Sell product and or put adds on your site etc.


Create pre-customer quality keyword based content about the subject you are knowledgeable about, product you sell or want to sell. Even if you already have a site, educate people about the service and you will attract warm willing to buy customers.

The bottom line is, whether you are a webmaster or web surfer, keyword based content turns knowledge into a profitable, successful online business.


"If you do not own your own traffic, you do not have a business online" - Ken Evoy. Done correctly, you do not have to buy Google or any other ads (rented traffic). Renting traffic is not nessisarily a bad thing. You should also have the tools to build free and clear traffic that you own.


Low Overhead + High Income = Profit Online. Have you ever taken a taxi or a rental to go a long distance? It may have gotten you where you needed to go, but wouldn't be cost effective on a daily basis. What costs less, taking a taxi daily for a year, renting a car for a year, or owning a car free and clear for a year? Owning traffic online is no different.
Rent or own? - Which will you choose?


Submit Web pages to Directories and Search Engines. This is the second traffic building block. Search engines and directories are where people find your  keyword based content web pages. If you haven't submitted to them, how likely is it that your site will be found on them? The Search engines and directories that account for 95% of online traffic are: Google, Yahoo Search , Bing and Ask. if you want traffic, you will have to submit all pages, and resubmit on a regular basis to stay on top.


Cars need tuning. Tuning takes tools and skills. Many successful marketers save time online and use tools like World Submitter and other submission tools that do all the submitting and tracking work for you. This will bring major traffic and keep you on top. "Search It" is a tool I like. It finds directory listings that will grows your specific business for you.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Brief Look into Leeds

Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England with an estimated population of 757,700 according to 2011 statistics making it the third largest city in the UK. Leeds is popular for its culture, festivals and its shopping centre. Read about the city’s tourist attractions and advertising in the city below.

Visiting Leeds

Leeds has a compact and convenient small centre, so you can walk across the city centre within half an hour visiting a variety of shops, restaurants, museums and much more.  Everything is easy to get to, so you don’t have to worry about travelling too far. The countryside has beautiful scenery and can be easily accessed to the public, so you can have a country break and a local shopping trip all in one city. A few places to note are Gordale Scar, Malham Cave and Kirkstall. The street food held once a month held in the High Street, is something not to miss. The Leeds festival is also one to visit if you are into great music and the outdoors.  Roundhay Park is the most famous park, which has great scenery and a lovely lake. Also, we cannot forget to mention the Leeds United Football team and their marvellous football ground.

Advertising in Leeds

There many reasons as to why you should advertise your business, services or items for sale in and around Leeds. Leeds is a great compact city where it is easy to reach all sides of the city, and there will always be someone looking or wanting the services you provide. It is a good idea to advertise in a classified website that has a dedicated section especially for Leeds. Most people now search online for services like removals, pet grooming, gardening, property etc. Using a Leeds classifieds website will also find you the perfect person/company for any kind of requirement.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Advertise Your Classifieds in India With Free Advertising

The continent of India is a big one. There are many ways in which you can advertise if you have products and services that the people of India may wish to use or buy. Classified advertising in India can help you gain customers and make people aware that your services are out there. This is because hundreds or even thousands of individuals in India could be searching for something you provide. Let us look at an example; you might provide a ‘man with van’ type of service and someone may be moving house. The family that are moving house will look online to a classified website and search for ‘home removals’ or ‘man with van’. If you are listed in that same specific classified advertising website then you have a chance of getting that business, and are contacted to assist with the family who are moving home.
Classified advertising has also come a long way in recent years. It is now one of the most popular ways of selling used goods, informing the world about certain services and generally becoming something that most people take part in, whether they are looking for something or advertising. You will certainly be able to search for services such as plumbing, gardening, computer services, tutors and much more when you come to FreeAdvertising. There is a large category base that many people of India use already. The great thing about our site is that the whole world can access it making it easier for someone to locate something in India even if they are within the EU, US or even Africa.
Classified advertising for India is so much easier than advertising in newspapers, or face to face. This is because online is accessible to anyone who has a computer and internet access – and it is available twenty-four hours a day so there are no time restrictions. It also makes communication easier than a telephone call or writing a letter – people will be able to contact you through the website if you choose this option. 

Advertising is free and adverts last for a year; you can feature an ad for a small fee, however advertising is and always will be free.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Get a FREE Featured Ad for 1 Month

Want a FREE featured ad on our classified advertising website? Find out how below...

Do you have a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter? If you answered yes to any of these popular social networks, then you could be in with a chance to get a free featured ad for a month on our site. All you have to do is share our site (). How simple is that? Please make sure that your Facebook Google+ and Twitter accounts have at least 2000 followers or more.

Once you have shared the site, you will need to contact us by email with the URL of your shared page, and the URL of your classified ad that you have posted on our site - so you will have to create a free ad on and then when we know which one is yours, we will go ahead and feature it if all the details are okay.

Remember, you will need to make sure your social networks match the number of followers below when you share:

Facebook Fans: 2,000+
Twitter Followers: 2,000+
Google+: 2,000+

If you need any help or assistant please feel to contact us.

(This is now not available)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advertise Your Products, Business and Service for FREE in Brunei

Brunei is most famous for its beautiful mosques and rich supplies in oil and gas. Brunei is home to one of the most richest Sultans in the world. The Island is located in South East Asia and is surrounded by Malaysia. Here, religion is taken very seriously but it is still a relaxed place to be. Because of its richness in oil, Brunei's rainforest's have remained in-tact - great places to visit if you are a resident or tourist. They are all located quite locally. Brunei Darussalam (the abode of peace) is a wonderful place to visit as well as a great place to live. It is a Muslim country with lots to do, and has a great climate. There is a mix of cultures, and lots to do. Bandar Seri Begawan Waterfront, Brunei Museum, Muara Beaches and the Pulau Selirong mangrove arte just a few famous places.

If you are located in Brunei, classified advertising is a great way to find what you need, or advertise property, jobs or cars for sale/rent etc. It is an easy way to connect with other locations in Brunei; Bandar Seri Begawan, Kuala Belait, Seria, Tutong, and Bangar. The power of an internet classified site makes it so much easier to find that perfect service, plumber, vet or even a sofa! The possibilities are endless, so why not advertise or look for something you need in Brunei?

The benefits of advertising classifieds in Brunei are that your ads will be country specific, they will be displayed for 60 days without any cost and then there are also options available to extend your ads for a small fee. You will be able to display your ads without any fuss - no registration is needed. People are always looking for something so you have a chance to promote your products/services to the people of Brunet and getting quick sales and correspondence.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Free Advertising Worldwide Post Your Classifieds to a Worldwide Audience

Worldwide classified advertising is a great way to promote your products and services, especially if they are accebible to the whole world, via the computer, or telephone etc. There are many people who require services from around thw world, for example shopping websites, online tutors and freelancers.

The great thing about being able to advertise to the world is that you dont have to limit your services to one specific country. the whole world is at your feet - well, computer screen! Let the world know you have just the right skills for a job, or that perfect vintage dress, or a much needed travel packedge.

You can advertise many things, as well as what is mentioned already. If you have affiliate services that you need to advertise, then why not advertise them to thw world? You can sell an E-Book, a service or absolutly anything that can be posted, used or accessed over the internet.